Friday, April 1, 2011


Assalamualaikum J

I want to be in YouTube!!!! I want to be in YouTube!!!!

That’s what we all want cuz being in YouTube will earn urself some money and also not to mention POPULARITY, if someone’s subscribes our video.( perghh bleh jadi kaya camni). BUT did u notice that not all videos on the youtube are really good. They juz want to b fame but doesn’t want to share knowledge or talent. Even worst there are some ‘species’ (it mean by some people) also upload PORNOGRAPHY ON YOUTUBE. IT’S TRUEE!! Even though only 18++ could excess it, but STILL underage could accidentally see it if sum1 left their account opens.

Censored due to improper picture....LOL

So do please upload a decent video so that evry1 can feel free to watch it.

The reason that I want to publish this post is because of a new singer that I never heard of him. A few days b4, I accidentally heard a song ( juz a dream). And I assume that Nelly is going to sing it. But when my friend’s plays it, it doesn’t fit well. Cuz it wasn’t nelly but other singer sang it. I want to share with you guys bout a new singer that rise from you tube, that is SAM TSUI. ( sapa mamat ni plak??).

HE is my friend……(errr....= ="....okay tipu r tuh). OKAY2… he is an undergraduate from yale university. He sang songs that were popular by nowadays singer. Example jar of heart by Christina Perri, Fireflies by Owlcity and he even did some MASHUP, love the way you lie + dynamite, and firework + grenade. This is what we call a TALENT that are supposed to share with every1. We juz need to subscribe his videos n support him. That what we should do for a new talent that muz b expose to the public.

Here some videos from Sam Tsui

Juz a dream

MASHUP-Love The Way U Lie + Dynamite

p/s: sory bout the link.. uploading video takes time...:p

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