Sunday, June 19, 2011


Asalamualaikum :D

This is my short entry. What i want to do for my holiday?? hmm.... well its kinda bored for the 1st week of my holiday. I actually spending it infront my lappy n playin PS2. Suddenly it came an idea to me. What izit?? haha. Its photoshoot!!!... I even set the place for it. Where izit??
  1. kl pac
  2. putrajaya
  3. melaka
  4. zoo
I even search info bout it. How to capture pict? n what type of lens to use it?. Even i learn to categories it such as objectism, humanism. But theres a lot of thing i should learn. I will later upload any pictures in my blog. Thats all..:)

that a must capture moment...:D

Thats kl pac

Putrajaya Bridge

Wish had this at the zoo negara..:D

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Thursday, June 9, 2011



I have to strive for 2 weeks of examination. But still im not sure whether it worth it or not. It juz felt like i was in a dream. Wake up for exam, went to the hall n came back
to my house and sleep back again. Its like my life was empty.
I realli need a dslr to capture things. It makes me feel almost like alive. Haha. But still i could find a way to get out from this sorely boredom life. I went out lepak-ing with my friends, playin left4dead.... kinda addicted to that game. I even tried to watch 2 movies(karak and nur kasih) on the same day. Luckily its on wednesday. Klu x pokai gua. haha. The most craziest thing on that day, is that, i played bowling 20 min b4 the movies start. FOR EACH MOVIES!! Im paying 2 tymes for shoes n a pair of socks(wlupun ad dlm but kete). Last nite, after i finish my math test. Straight away i went to Alamanda to watch KL Gangster. Wa ckp lu terbaek wokk.... zizan menceriakn suasana gangster. Haha. Kinda weird that the movie still have sense of humor. I thought of playin bowling after that, but my friend want to go home early. Bcoz tomorrw
as if today is my laz examination day. Some person might say "stdy la wei.. nk exam.. asyik men jer" or "pndai xyah stdy laa kn" but i juz say its not bout u r clever or stdying guy(nerd), its juz u have to nail the exam in u
r on way... klu da stdy> tense> enjoy> normal blik.....haha.

karak movie muz watch... full of scaring part at first 30 min...haha:D

sapa kata gangster talak

Damn game!! y u alwys distract me when im stdyin..

series x tgk tp movie tgk plak... pelik2....o.0

P/S: I'd made some shortlist for my holiday. And hoping it will be going smoothly..

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