Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jam Bumi


In this post i want to share with you about earth hour.(apa itu earth hour?...hmmm). Earth hour is a global event that were organized by World Wildlife Fund( WWF). It took place on 26 March, from 8.30 p.m till 9.30 p.m, at participant’s local time. They’re asking us to switch off our non-essential lights and other electrical appliances for 1 hour to raise awareness towards the need to take action on climatic change. ( x cukup awareness ker yg kite ad skng??).

We do have no plastic bag day, recycling, car-pooling and so much moreeeeee. BUT why must we follow this event? You surely would think that we do have much awareness toward earth pollution so you will juz ignore this event.(x perlu la earth hour ni….tiap2 mlm tutup lampu gak) Errrr……..NOOO!!! is totally wrong. Thru this event we could learn step by step how to reduce electrical consumption in our daily life.(mcm baby la plak…kne mule dri bwah). Even a big building like KLCC( our greatest building) could turn off the light.

step by step the light being turn off

But why a small building like house couldn’t turn off the light? Is ur house as big as a mansion? Or even bigger? It’s not like you muz turn off all the light in ur house juz a minor one. You can gathering with ur family in living room, and turn off all the light in ur house except ur living room light.(boley jeee). Even google also turn their light off. LOL

even google can turn off their light. why can't we?

Some1 told me that imagine in 1 hour anything could happen to us. Perhaps we are going to get rob or mug by sum1.( mcm melampau je bunyi). Or we will have some accident during that moment. Bcoz all light will be turn off it will be dark. So what should we do bro??

REMEMBER!!! Juz non-essential light wills b turn off. Not all the lights will be turn off. (klu x, lbeyh bek xyah wat earth hour…).

Besides reducing electrical consumption, WWF also aims showcase the possibilities of a united global effort by creating an inspiring visual display of the worldwide resolution to address global warming, to show what can be done through our combined efforts, to encourage leadership through behavioural change and to demonstrate the growing desire around the world to make those changes a reality.(apa yg penting??KERJASAMA!!). So all u have to is support the event. It will leads us toward a better generation.

picture at international hot air balloon putrjaya(kononnye)

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