Saturday, April 9, 2011



This post I dedicated to the person that request it…haha xp

Do u noe what is the meaning of MASTERPIECE??(Masterpiece gabungan master n piece kn??cam masterchef...). NOPE. IT’S a creation made by a person.

A few weeks ago I’d given an assignment by my lecturer to create a HAMMER!!! WTH…how am I supposed to create it?? It seems too hard, I thought. But in the end, I finally created it. I put a lot of effort on it.

On the 1st week, we received a block and a rod of iron. With this two things we muz create a hammer. Firstly, we must shape the block into the shape of a hammer head. My friend asked me that how are we gonna cut this block of iron using this hacksaw blade? I juz said, close ur eyes….n pray…. (Justin bieber song..haha)…he stared at me. Okey2…chill. We juz need to cut it, until it shape like a hammer …haha. That week we manage to make a shape of hammer head. 4 hours took us to make it. All the time we did is juz cursing the block of iron. Haha. xp

The 2nd week, I realised that my block got rusty. In fact all of my coursemates block got rusty. So its shows that this equation (4Fe + 3O2 = 2Fe2O3) is proven. Learn our lesson. We had to do some filing. The most painful job in creating a hammer. It took me 2 hour to file a hammer. And it’s not that perfectly shining. So I juz skip it to the next step, that is drilling. Make a hole thru the block. It’s really fun doing drilling. Then I made a thread in that hole. This part is a bit hard. Cuz I need to push the thread rod into the hole. (metal meets metal….due2 degil, so had to put a lot of effort) haha. After that, I need to make a thread at the rod. My friend told me you muz b gentle when doing it, like u r treating a lady. Juz kiddin. It muz not be too slanting. Cuz it will be defect to the hammer.

Finally it’s the laz week of our project. I juz need to touch up my hammer. So I set my mind, filing my hammer again until it reflects my own image. Haha. I was relieved that i had finished my work. Hoping that I will get a great result.

this is my id number carved onto the head of the hammer

its a bit blur

this is my hammer...haha

That's all for this post...

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  1. ahaa...finally~!
    so that's how it looks like. hehe
    may your hardwork paid off by getting great result for your masterpiece~
    nice work B)

  2. insyaallah...
    How r u noe? Still playin with anatomy?