Sunday, June 19, 2011


Asalamualaikum :D

This is my short entry. What i want to do for my holiday?? hmm.... well its kinda bored for the 1st week of my holiday. I actually spending it infront my lappy n playin PS2. Suddenly it came an idea to me. What izit?? haha. Its photoshoot!!!... I even set the place for it. Where izit??
  1. kl pac
  2. putrajaya
  3. melaka
  4. zoo
I even search info bout it. How to capture pict? n what type of lens to use it?. Even i learn to categories it such as objectism, humanism. But theres a lot of thing i should learn. I will later upload any pictures in my blog. Thats all..:)

that a must capture moment...:D

Thats kl pac

Putrajaya Bridge

Wish had this at the zoo negara..:D

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